2006 League Draft
March 25, 2006

Well, It's getting harder and harder to schedule the draft.  Fortunately, we did get a date and a new owner this year, having had some changes in the ranks.  Special thanks to Tom, who once again made his office space available for the draft.  Different than (recent) prior years, we held the draft on Saturday morning, and there was plenty of coffee, donuts, and bagels to go around.  Thankfully, everyone showed up on-time and we were able to kick off around 10:00am.  Breaking the tradition of previous Saturday mornings, Henry showed up on time and completely sober.

'New Ed' Having FunThis year we had 10 owners, since there were a couple of guys who left the league (temporarily, we hope, Al, Greg, and Andrew) and one new addition.  Look how happy "New Ed" looks!  Of course, the draft hadn't started yet....

Once everyone got settled in, and we established the contracted players, we jumped right in.  Our host and last year's winner started the draft nominating Mr. Pat Burrell...and we were off.  After about 10 minutes of random bids, Burrell went for $16 to our beloved commissionerOh, Yeah, I'm the winner for life, Mike Wlody.  Next up, was a player from the Nockett's,  who said (not for the first time) "let's get some money off the table".  Bobby Abreu ultimately did get money off the table, and in a surprise move the Dutchmen opened up the wallet and when the moths flew away spent  the huge sum of $30.  It seems it didn't take long to get to $30, only 3 minutes after Burrell.    Off to the races!  No surprise that the next players nominated were all big names....Juan Pierre (Howitzers, $25), Brad Lidge (Howitzers, $26), Nick Johnson (not really a money guy, but Peepers for $10), and then the big guy.  It took over 20 minutes to get to Albert Pujols, who went to the Peepers for $39.  Who would not want 43hr, 117rbi, 11sb, and 0.326avg (my forecasts) on their team!!!  Apparently, the ceiling was set as no other player matched or topped $39.  The next closest was Derek Lee, at $34.  Our newest owner, "New Ed", purchased his first player 22 minutes into the draft purchasing "The Power Painter" Billy Wagner for $29 (as it turns out, the highest paid pitcher in the Diamond Dogs league).

An amazing $248 was spent in the first round; last year, when we had 11 owners, people were shy or the players nominated were not as good, as we spent only $211 in the first round.  This did include the earliest $1 player in history, as last year Al purchased Chris Snyder for $1 in the first round!  Hey, no cheating!The next round was nothing to sneeze at either, taking $235 off the table.  The Peepers, in an attempt to repeat a 1st place finish, spent $178 in the first 5 rounds.  It should be no surprise that the Warriors spent only $65 in the first 5 rounds, and in fact $41 came in the 5th round when he purchased Aramis Ramirez ($26) and Brian Giles ($15) back to back in the 5th round.  The biggest gap in purchasing a player goes to "Old Ed / Extra Crispy Ed" DeSilva, taking 1 hour between purchases.  In fact, "old" Ed paced himself, taking an average of 18 minutes between each player he purchased.  Ed's 59 minute gap did come late in the draft, so specific mention goes to Eugene who, having picked up Ryan Howard in the second round waited 58 minutes to pick up his next players in the 5th round.

The league is definitely getting more competitive.  On the surface there were no real "steal(s) of the draft" although we heard that comment (as well as "hmm..good pickup", "nicely done") any number of times.  There were no (that's right, 0) $40 players and only 6 players valued at $30 or higher.  The first single digit player came early, during the second round, when the Renegades acquired NY Mets catcher Paul Lo Duca for $9.  There was a pretty good distribution of single and double digit players until Matt Murton sold for $12 about 5 hours into the draft.  After that, nothing but single digit players, a total of 46 players.So, who is it going to be?

As always, the end game is critical.  One of the original owners, our beloved commissioner for life, even went so far as to try a new technique for his last $1 pitcher - the coin toss.  Between Scott Eyre and Braden Looper - and Loopie won (but did Mike?).   No surprise after last year, the Peepers made moves about 5 minutes after the rosters were entered into the system.  In fact, $20 worth of moves!  And the season hasn't even started.

Of course, the standard quotes were all there..."The most unusual draft ever", "The last of the....", "Steal of the draft", and "Oh, it's in the computer...".  A new quote was introduced, however, as Eugene had declared his strategy as "$1 over the Peepers" - after a while, Tom started asking Eugene "Do we want this guy?".  Also introduced were "Dude, your in his head!" and "Ohhh.......reverse reverse psychology!".  Still, nothing tops the Dustan Mohr ("dusting more") comment Anthony provided last year. 


We all had a great deal of fun, and it is always good to see old friends again.  The general consensus Old friends, good timeswas that people prefer the draft in the afternoon / evening rather than in the morning (my first beer only started 1 1/2 hours into the draft!).  The draft still took about 6 1/2 hours for most, and we will explore ways to reduce this time in the future (the 1st player was taken at 10:09 and the last at 4:35pm).  This year, a total of 17 players were contracted, for $219.  It has been proposed that we set a minimum number of contract players (2) and change the contract cost for a 1 year contract from $5 to $2.  While I think this will be approved, we will put this to vote ("after all, we are not communists!").  We didn't really break for lunch, it was more of a grab and go.  Our beloved commissioner for life also proposed that, for our 25th year (coming soon), we all contribute $1,000 and have the draft in Vegas.  While fairly well received, this league can be counted on for only one thing.... not being able to make commitments!  We will see about this later.  Good luck to all of the owners!  And as always, make trades, moves, whatever it takes to win the league.



Follow this link for the full draft players drafted  draft_rawt.htm.   Traditionally, our league has not encouraged contracted players and we do tend to have new owners each year, although we are considering changing our rules to promote contract players.

(Henry Bottjer, 03/26/2006)

Useless Draft Statistics

First Player Drafted Pat Burrell, $16
First $1 Player Drafted Claudio Vargas, Nockett Heads, about 4 hours into the draft
Last Player Acquired Victor Diaz, Peeping Toms (goes without saying..,.$1)
Highest Paid Player Albert Pujols, $39
First Team Finished LIC Bombers, Kip Wells for $1 at 3:06pm
Total $30+ Players 6
$20 - $30 Players 33
$15 - $19 Players 32
$10 - $15 Players 35
Total $1 Players 38
Fewest $1 Players Tie, Renegades and Bombers each have 1
Most $1 Players Peeping Toms, 8 Players (I looked at 2004, this was the same!)
Spending Breakdown Hitting:  63% ,  Pitching: 37% (not counting contracted players)
Highest Paid Pitching Staff Renegades, $111
Highest Paid Hitting Staff Mallins Mess, $188
Money Left $22
Most Left $6, Ball Breakers
Least Left Peeping Toms and Howitzers, $0

Who will be the next winner???